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March 25, 2019
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9 Features You Need In Your Forest Tractor

Aug 10, 2018

Sometimes your personal landscaping needs require more than just a chainsaw and an axe. Forest tractors are multipurpose machines that can be used for lifting and transporting heavy loads.

If you’re looking for a forest tractor, here are some features, kit pour tracteurs forestiers as it’s known in French, you can’t go without:

  • You want a machine that is rugged and tough. Four-wheel drive will allow you to manoeuvre even the most difficult terrain. Even weight distribution over the hitch allows for stability over uneven turf.
  • While you need your machine to be tough, you still want it to be small enough to navigate tight spaces so that you can reach every inch of your land.
  • A compact body makes it not only easier to move around, but this coupled with a good weight distribution will lower the chances of soil compaction that leads to erosion.

  • Further features to look for are power steering, that will make moving around effortless as you take on your personal landscaping tasks. Oil bar disk brakes will allow for more control as you work at different inclines. In addition to this, shuttle transmission allows for ease when changing between forward and backward movement.
  • Two aspects that will help you achieve all your home landscaping goals are crane and a log trailer. A hydraulic crane will give you more power despite a small size. Bear in mind, however, that you don’t want to compromise your ability to manoeuvre with ease by choosing a trailer that is too long.
  • A skid plate protects the underside of the tractor as you drive over hard gravel and rocks.
  • A snow plough will no only allow you to clear a path in the snow, you’ll also be able to clear rocks, and loose branches after your landscaping work is done.

  • A protection frame around the driver’s seat will ensure that you are protected as you drive through low handing branches and thick foliage. A solid roof above you will mean you could get some work done in the sun and light rain.
  • Light protectors mean that you won’t be wasting time and money replacing the glass or the bulbs. It doesn’t hurt to have a chainsaw rack, so you don’t have to carry your tools around or leave rubble out in the yard.

It may cost a pretty penny to buy a good quality machine, but it’ll be worthwhile in the end.

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Are You Interested To Know About Servicing Of Mercedes-Benz?

Apr 14, 2018

If you own any Mercedes-Benz car then it is better to get it serviced by the authorized service stations instead of going any other service stations. Servicing of Mercedes-Benz vehicles needs experienced service professionals and therefore you must trust only the expert and trained service technicians. Whether it is your new vehicle or any old used car, you will get all your warranties at authorized service stations only.

There are two different types of Mercedes Benz service, service A or Service B. Let us try to understand what the various services are done on these two types of servicing.

A-service for Mercedes-Benz

The A-service is meant for those vehicles which has driven almost 10,000 miles or completed one year after the purchase. Usually this service is provided when you take first servicing. The service centre also maintains your service records and therefore you will get a reminder from your dealer too for your servicing.

This service will be due for next service when it has run 20,000 miles or 2 years after purchase. All models of 2009 onwards may fall under A or B category of service. Following are the services provided during A-service:

  • Replacement of motor oil
  • Replacement of oil filter
  • Checking of all fluid levels and they are corrected as per the recommendation of the vehicle based on the model and year of manufacturing
  • Checking of tire pressures
  • Inspection of brake component
  • Resetting of maintenance counter

All the recommended services as per the model and year of manufacturing are provided and they are entered in the maintenance sheet as a record.

B service for Mercedes-Benz

This type of service is provided after the vehicle has driven approximately 20,000 miles or after 1 year the last servicing done on your Mercedes-Benz car. The service record available with the service center will determine the exact date of servicing.

Thereafter after every 2 years or running approximately 20,000 miles, the next servicing will be due, as already mentioned above, all vehicle that are manufactured after 2009 onwards are eligible for A or B servicing.

Following are the servicing done

  • Motor Oil replacement
  • Replacement of oil filter
  • Replacement of combination/cabin dust filter
  • Exchange of brake fluid
  • Checking oil levels of all fluids and correction as per the recommendation of the service manual of respective models
  • Checking and correction of the tire pressure
  • Inspection of brake component
  • Resetting of maintenance counter

Authorized service centers ensure that all the manufacturer recommended services are provided.

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