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April 24, 2019
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The economy is developing. Everyday new trends keep emerging and businesses need to be aware of these trends in order to meet with the growing demands of their customers. You might have heard about the term human capital, but might not have gone too deep to understand what this really is.

Updating Your Knowledge on Human Capital

Human capital basically refers to measuring the economic value of the employees skill set. This could be in regard to creativity skills, experience levels, or personality traits. Human capital is very essential for a business organization.

Human capital is generally managed by the HR department. Many a times the HR might contact a reputable human capital consulting firm to bring about diversity and improve the productivity in the organization.

These consulting firms will screen potential candidates and take care of the recruitment process. They will ensure that the candidate is well placed on a job depending on their experience and qualifications and even take care of the compensation packages.

Trends and Challenges Faced by Human Capitals

Learning about new ways to keep employees motivated and satisfied is the aim of every HR department. This is not an easy task. Implementing the same in the organization is not simple. When we talk about emerging trends, these are:

  • Imparting proper learning to the employees
  • Focusing more on employee development
  • Ensuring that leaders are dynamic and keep employees motivated
  • Collaborating with various departments across the organization to maintain a healthy workplace
  • Improvising on the performance appraisals and ensuring that the employees get recognized
  • On the job training or job rotations to ensure that employees learn new skills

Every organization is different; therefore the HR strategies and vision will also be different. HR capital management needs to understand the vision and mission of the business and carefully plan the business strategy.

Human capital firms now understand these issues and are targeting at offering:

  • Meeting the legal requirements of the organization
  • Looking into different strategies and internal processes, thereby helping the organization to grow
  • Focusing on improving the brand value of the organization
  • Bridging the gap between the stakeholders and the organization
  • Overcoming barriers of cultural and ethnic differences and hiring the right talent


There are many different tools that can be used to measure the skill set of the employees and ensure that they are placed at the right job. When the employees in the organization are happy, the business is bound to do well.

Waverly Wren

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