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April 24, 2019
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While for a layman, static is something nuisance that gives an irritating shock but for the sensitive electronic components, this shock can be devastating. For humans to actually feel the effect of this electricity the discharge needs to be more than 3500 Volts but these electronic components can be damaged by a discharge of even 20-25 Volts.

Thus, a broad range of facilities including the industries, warehouses, commercial establishments and sometimes in office spaces today are using esd floor tiles. ESD installation helps in distributing the static charge that is generated in excess in these facilities.

The question that can pop-up in the mind is, why to go for ESD flooring and why not anti-static flooring?

It is true that both are meant to prevent a person getting a shock when he/she touches something that conducts electricity. This happens because as people walk across the floor they build up a charge. Now if you get an anti-static flooring done, then the coating is there on its upper layer which dissipates the static and hence not enough charge is ever built that leads to a shock. However, in industrial applications, you normally look for robust solutions that are long lasting. In that case, ESD flooring is a better choice as it provides a higher level of protection. This is because unlike anti-static matting, this flooring is grounded.

Now that you know, ESD flooring is better then you should also know how to choose the right one for industrial applications.

  • If you choose conductive or the static dissipative floors, then only you can get it grounded to provide full protection. Using a standard flooring and trying to use conductive adhesive is not going to solve the purpose.
  • Whether the conductive or static dissipative floor is effective or not can be tested using an Ohm meter. If the flooring material is not able to pass this test, then it cannot be grounded.
  • This flooring does not require any maintenance in the form of antistatic sprays or waxes. It is a permanent nature of this flooring and no enhancement can be made by using such things.
  • If the supplier says that in humid conditions the flooring might not work to optimum mark then refrain from placing the order to that supplier. The genuine floor works regardless of relative humidity. Also, ask about the performance of the floor in absolutely dry conditions.
  • Getting an esd epoxy flooring does not mean the environment is static-free. It only means that, discharge is below the level where it can give a shock.
  • When you get the ESD flooring done, then that floor should work in real world conditions. It means that static build-up is inhibited when persons moving on it are wearing normal footwear and not the conductive shoes.

Don’t go for flooring unless you do complete your homework on it. This is because getting an ineffective flooring is more of a cost than getting the right one done in the first place.

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