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March 25, 2019
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Fine chemicals are substances that commercial facilities produce for use in specialized applications. These chemicals are available in the form of pharmaceutical ingredients, specialized chemicals for technical applications and biocides.

Compared to bulk chemicals, fine chemicals are available in small batches. Bulk chemicals are made in huge quantities through the use of standardized reactions. Because of the production of fine chemicals in small quantities, their price tends to be high. Also, there are more waste products generated through the process than the waste products produced in making bulk chemicals.

Fine Chemicals Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Medications newly introduce to the public have modified chemical components. Newer medicines are made with small quantities of fine chemicals. Assembling of the active ingredients takes place in one factory and the ingredients are mixed with the inert components which make up the medicine. Finally, the drugs are formulated into pills, caplets and capsules in individual doses.

Fine Chemicals as Biocides

Biocides may be used commercially or domestically for killing living organisms. Examples of biocides include herbicides and pesticides. And because chlorine kills swimming pool bacteria, it is also a biocide. It is possible to ass biocides to water in order to kill the algae in pools at industrial sites. Also, the chemical is used for killing microscopic organisms in water at water treatment plants.

When using fine chemicals, it is imperative to read and understand instructions given on the product label and follow them accordingly. Specialized clothing such as gloves and safety glasses may be needed when using the product. Also, it may not be safe to use the product around animals. It may be important to remove the product from the premises during and after use.

The use of fine chemicals can have an impact on the environment. The product’s label must set out the proper disposal of the product in a way that has a minimal effect on the environment. The instructions must be followed closely. It is imperative for local municipalities to offer information on whether such products should be brought to a hazardous waste disposable facility.

Specialized Products for Commercial Purposes

These fine chemicals include inks, special coatings and those used to process photographs. Also, this category includes industrial additives. Unlike other kinds of fine chemicals available in set price per mass, this kind is priced based on performance-in-use characteristics.

Depending on the purpose of using fine chemicals, it is imperative to get them from a manufacturer that has a chemical laboratory equipped with advanced equipment and operated by competent people. Check out for a list of fine chemicals.

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